What every product manager needs to know about product analytics

This is a great blog post for Product Manager everywhere written by my colleague Sam.  Here are the 5 lessons I learned from it:

  1. Adding analytics generally involves adding a line of code here and there to fire an event when a user performs an action in your product. Some frameworks for adding analytics events and tracking them include Google Analytics and KISSmetrics.
  2. Empathy Debt = lack of information about the state of your customer's love (or hate) for your features
  3. "There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of an experiment and realizing you don’t have all the events you need. Try to do your analysis before you run the experiment using some dummy data so you can see any gaps in what you’re capturing."
  4. Create 2-3 very different versions of the feature you're trying to test.  The key is to keep them very different. Deploy all of them and track results.
  5. It’s great to be data-informed, but being entirely data-driven can sometimes leave you blind to the overall experience.  The data tells you how they are behaving but not why, so talk to the users as well to get a rounded picture.