5 Ways to Fascinate your Audience

I listened to the book Fascinate along with 13+ of my Product Management peers at Atlassian.   We
wanted to see how this book can improve our work as product managers and here are the lessons I learned.  I recommend listening to the book at 1.5x speed, since author Sally Hogshead narrates the book slowly. In the book, she breaks down "fascination" into 7 triggers.  Brands and individuals can use these 7 triggers to capture their target's attention.  
  1. Fascination is Love, and it is irrational.
  2. Marketing is about what you inspire about others to say about you, not your message directly.
  3. The 6 criteria for a fascinating msg 
    1. Promotes strong emotional response
    2. Creates advocates
    3. The message becomes cultural shorthand
    4. Insights conversation.. builds social currency
    5. Forces competitors to realign around it
    6. Triggers social revolutions 
  4. Triggers are emotional and creates emotional meaning for your audience.  That's why every fascinating message touches on a few of these triggers.  The seven triggers are:
    1. Trust.. you can rely on it
    2. Lust.. sex sells
    3. Mystique.. we want to solve puzzles
    4. Power.. we want it
    5. Alarm.. we want to avoid negative consequences
    6. Prestige.. earns us status and respect
    7. Vices.. tempts us
  5. Trust is the hardest trigger to establish. It takes years and can be lost in a few missteps. But it is powerful because it is the fall-back in a complicated world. Established brands tend to use trust and prestige as their main trigger, with some lust and vices sprinkled in for variety.  New start-up brands will be more successful with lust, vice, and mystique as their dominant triggers.
Learn how to Fasciate today.