Six days til graduation

Two weeks ago, I caught myself reminiscing about my experience at Presidio while driving with fellow students to one of our last few presentations for Presidio.
It was a business plan pitching session for Capstone class. As I watched fellow students gave pitch after pitch of presentation perfection, I realize how far many have gone on their journey. Presentation ability is one of the trained qualities at Presidio. Many who have been shy in front of crowds have truly conquered their fear. I always had little fear in front of crowds. But I fear. As I step out of the comfort of student status and make belief work, the burden that lies before us seems insurmountable. Even with a community as courageous in thought and action as Presidio to work with, the challenge still seems too great. The need to completely re-invent the way we do things, the very culture of production and consumption, is monstrously large. I have hope that, at least in the Bay Area, sustainability is not a foreign word beyond Presidio walls. But the challenge is there all the same. With clarity comes confusion again. With the understanding of sustainability and the vision of an idyllic future, comes the tormeting desire for said future, and the fear that we will not get there in my lifetime.

Well, "Do or Die" as they say.

Presidio video

Check out this video about Presidio Graduate School.  It really conveys the sense of community and care that Presidio provides.

Fall Info Session from Presidio Graduate School on Vimeo.