Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Data Visualization

Being able to visualize data is an important step for identifying problems and making change. Luckily there are many data viz tools out there now.  Check out this list:


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  2. Great references, and indeed data visualization is becoming a trending Top 10 priority in many organizations where data overload is definitely threatening management teams.
    It's a trend that can even be seen in the developing economies. You can check regarding the very first micro-finance geographic data visualization. The system is scheduled to be released to the public this month and is temporarily available at
    Similarly, demonstrate a totally flexible dashboard, developed with Adobe Flex. Data visualization tools are actually adapting their offer as well, following the conclusions from Gartner that companies prefer one that would "allow the user to add and subtract metrics from their dashboard, based on a defined pool in metrics framework. End-users' needs change and perfect alignment is hard to obtain - let the final content be in the hands of the user."
    RIA (Rich Internet Applications) give that flexibility instead of a rarely consulted "push" dashboard. Adobe Flex and Flash are as well extremely sustainable technology as they use less server space and need to communicate less often between the server and the user...
    Applying sustainable thinking, right?