Video Interview: Arthur Chait of EOPlex Talks About Green Semiconductor Packaging

My article originally posted on TriplePundit

Electronics are here to stay.  Unfortunately, so is E-waste, and it’s only going to increase in the coming years. The separation of E-waste into useful materials continues to be a challenge.  The best way to reduce is, of course, is to put less into electronics to begin with.  The following interview from Going Green Silicon Valley with Arthur Chait, the CEO of EOPlex, profiles his new semiconductor package that promises to deliver lower waste and lower cost.   Traditional semiconductor packaging is made with etching and plating which involves polluting chemicals that can enter our water systems.  EOPlex offers a solution that eliminates the need for etching and plating and their associated chemicals, delivers thinner packaging with more leads and lowers total cost of ownership.   No new equipment is necessary to adopt this greener solution, accelerating potential rate of adoption.  What we need now is a collection of more green alternatives for the semiconductor industry to support our electronics need without destroying our environment.  Do you know of some? Watch the video below…

Interview with Arthur Chait of EOPlex from Connie Kwan on Vimeo.