The Presidio Difference - Business as Unusual

I'm often asked: Why Presidio?  What does an MBA in Sustainable Management mean?   I thought I'd address the question here.  In business as usual, sustainability has its own column.  A business erects a CSR department to address the "sustainability problem."  At Presidio, we see sustainability infused into every part of a business.  Remember when there were “internet” classes?  Nowadays, knowledge of the internet is simply a given.  In the same way, we believe that the word sustainability eventually becomes obsolete and becomes an essential part of everything we do.  Instead of a classic MBA program with an elective in sustainability, every class at Presidio explores the integration of sustainability principles in the subject matter.  Because business as usual is not sustainable, we believe in "Business as Un-usual."  

Presidio is at the forefront of the nascent sustainability field in the US.  There are no established laws on carbon emissions, and the experts are still debating about LCA standards and how to conduct impact assessments.  Yet, these are some very basic first steps towards a sustainable world.  Thus at Presidio, we spend time exploring and debating what sustainability means, and how it may manifest in business.  Sustainability thinking itself is not new. Indeed, our forefathers demonstrated what we now call sustainable thinking when they created the US National Park system.  Unfortunately, our use and toss culture in the last 50 years has put us in the current bind.  Recognizing that we inherit the system for better or for worse, Presidio is a gathering of passionate people bent on applying sustainability in today's business context.