Senior Year

Meeting the newbies this fall reminds me just how far I have come from my fresh faced self.  I am finally a senior at Presidio's 2-year full time MBA program.  We are getting into the application side of the curriculum, and it's fantastic.

Presidio's MBA is offered in four full time semesters.  Each semester consists of four classes, which accumulates to 16 by graduation.  One can choose to be part time, take on half the classes at a time, thus extending the program to four years.  I am currently in my third semester full time, the funny middle where the work load is just ramping up, the content is increasingly interesting, yet I feel ready to be done with grad school.  But despite my occasional exhaustion as a student, Presidio continues to engage and challenge me in unanticipated ways.

I invite you to stay tuned on the ups and downs of my MBA journey.