Marketing the Good Life

No commercial campaign has enjoyed sequel success like MasterCard's "Priceless" commercials. With many renditions following a very similar format, these commercials allude to the value that the real joys of life cannot be satisfied by material goods. Through their Priceless commercial campaigns, MasterCard strummed the heartstrings of audiences by showing endearing scenes from the Good Life, while connecting these scenes to their product. My favorite of the set is titled "Lessons" (Priceless TV, 2010)

Water glass $5
Energy saving bulb $4
Reusable bag $2
helping dad become a better man: priceless

This solid campaign demonstrates the fluency of MasterCard marketers in communicating the connection between their product and the customer's true needs and desires.  The value of real joys of life cannot be satisfied by material goods has tremendous significance for the sustainable lifestyle.  The sustainability advocate operating along this value can successfully garner support for sustainability initiatives.  I would like to answer MasterCard's "Lessons" with my own rendition.


Carbon offset for air travel  $40
Vegetarian Sushi $10
Home composting kit $50
leaving a more beautiful world for my children: priceless