Money. Happiness, and Early Retirement, is it in your DNA?

Imagine if when you're born, your DNA is taken and a happiness chart is created for you. This chart shows what makes you most happy, and how much material wealth you need to attain that level of happiness. Then you'll know exactly how many years to work before you can retire!

OK, so maybe it's not exactly embedded in your DNA. And nurture probably has a lot do do with what makes you happy. Once I tried sushi, I need sushi once in a while to keep me happy.

But let's say that you can fill out a survey that closely maps your deepest desires, then organizes the information to show you how material wealth corresponds to your happiness. That would be helpful information wouldn't it?

These days, we've been programmed by our media and culture to think that material wealth equals happiness. And so many spend so much time money grabbing, they forget what truly makes them happy. A customized Happiness-to-Wealth Correlation Profile might be the guiding light we all need.