Gather Restaurant - sustainable dining for every budget

More fun places to eat that helps the planet!  Check out Gather in Berkeley,CA.

The founder of Gather came to give a talk at my Graduate School.  Gather is a restaurant with sustainably sourced food.  A lot of restaurants in Berkeley offer sustainably sourced menus, but are usually "mostly" sustainably sourced.  At Gather, all items on the menu are sustainably sourced.

Gather was built on community dollars, not VC funded.  He was able to garner support from small investors starting at $5k to fund his restaurant, much of the proceeds of the restaurant goes back to those small investors.  Talk about keeping money in the community.

In addition, Gather maintains a yummy 50% vegetarian menu, with menu items ranging from a $15 pizza to share to $100 on fish and wine, truly providing a place for people of all budgets, tastes and dietary needs to Gather.