Green Jobs?

This post is in response to a question posted in a forum:
Question: In your opinion which are the most promising new jobs for the green economy in the following areas:
distribution and logistics

My Answer:
I believe manufacturing, design (research) and services are the most promising NEW jobs for the green economy. I define NEW as sectors that did not previously exist. Distribution and logistics, retailing and government green jobs are not new in the sense that existing professionals in those roles will simply adapt to the new green trend. I need to first clarify that government in this case mean politicians and policy makers. Researchers that receive new government grants for green technology are to be considered NEW jobs. The existing policy makers however will consult with industry experts are move towards a green agenda, therefore no new jobs exist in that arena. The same is true for distribution and retailing where existing professionals in that space will consult with green experts to buy green products. New jobs exist for innovation and manufacturing in the green jobs front. Entrepreneurship, research, design and services positions need to be filled. We are in an economic lull right now. If we take a hint from the Great Depression of the 30s, paired with the current green energy trend, we can expect a vast green energy infrastructure to be funded by the government and built. This in turn creates opportunities for innovation, manufacturing and installation.