Eat veggies to save the world

You can half your family's carbon footprint by eating less meat. The production, preparation and packaging of meat is easily 10 times that of fresh veggies. Give up the meat but not the great taste! Try some very tasty veggie dishes like this one I made for dinner. Israeli couscous paired with green beans and mushroom in wine sauce. I promise you will go back for seconds! It only took 30 min to prepare.

Sautee the israeli couscous in butter with shallots, cinnamon (1/2 stick) and bay leaf (1) till brown. Add vegetable stock and simmer until soft. Remove from heat. Toss with some lemon zest and parsley and voila!
While couscous is simmering, use a different pot to soften green beans in hot water and drain. Then stirfry some mushrooms and greenbeens together. Throw in some wine and let it evaporate. Salt and serve!