Hong Kong's Solar Ferries

Growing up in Hong Kong, one of my favorite pasttime was riding the ferries. The sea breeze, the lull of the waves and the fantastic saltiness of the water... And now, the ferries are going solar! Kudos for combining my two loves...

Recycle your brita filters

You can now return your old Brita filters for recycling at participating Gimme 5 stores, most of which are Whole Foods.

Improve yours and Earth's health - Go shopping on your bike with the Topeak trunk bag!

You too can contribute to your own good health and carbon reduction on Earth. Dust off your bike and go riding this summer. This Topeak trunk bag for your bike easily slides onto a bike back-rack also sold by Topeak. No hassle no mess. Normally a very compact trunk bag, the sides fold out as shown in the picture into more room for your books, laptop, groceries, etc. Yes, I can fit my regular sized laptop into this, as well as half a week's worth of groceries. The trunk bag comes off the bike's back-rack with one click and has a shoulder carrying strap for carrying around.

I installed the associated back-rack in 15 min with no help and one allen wrench, then spent 5s slipping on the trunk bag, done! Then I went bike riding with my friend, shopped with it at my neighbourhood grocery store and met the nice folks there. And then we got ice cream! What speaks summer more than riding around on your bike and stopping at the ice cream store? While you're at it, bring your laptop and get some work done at the local coffee shop! Give up your car and get out there on your bike this summer!

Walmart to assign Green Ratings

According to this article Walmart will be making all its suppliers reveal their environmental performance through a Green Ratings system.

Walmart has been taking the lead on many green initiatives in the past several years, sending shock waves up and down their massive supply chain. This new initiative will impact their 100,000+ suppliers.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the new rating system. I do hope it will bring some clarity to the eco-footprint questions I have when I stand in front of a shelf of different brands. The labeling will certainly make shopping at Walmart a more transparent experience.

Ecoenvelopes - a return ticket for your mail!

Sending mail in both directions? Make it easier and save some paper with ecoenevelopes.